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Here at Krome Design Studio, We don't subscribe to the school of thought that says templated web designs are OK. You pay for a ground-up approach to your website, and that's what we offer. You're passionate about your business, and want a website that reflects your business ideals and mission statement. That's where we come in.

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From straightforward sites to full e-commerce powerhouses, we can do them all. Utilising the power and fun of coding with Django, we can design a site to suit the unique needs of your business. Working closely with the customer at all stages of development ensures an end product that everyone will be pleased with.

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We have in house expertise in Django, Satchmo, Python, Java, Smalltalk, CSS, XHTML and JQuery to name a few. More than enough to build a modern, standards compliant website for your business.

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some of our work

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Below are just a selection of sites we have worked on. You may click on each picture for a gallery viewing, or go to the site directly if applicable.

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  • Fabsolute

    A cleaning and janitorial services company, Fabsolute approached us to design and develop their site. They wanted a clean, modern looking design, with a booking and calendar system.

    Site is built in Python, HTML, CSS and JQuery.

    Go to website.

  • Boardwalk Woodwork

    A site dedicated to building beautiful things with wood. These guys build some amazing stuff, and we were happy to build them a site to show it all off.

    Site is built in Python, HTML, CSS and JQuery.

    Got to website.

  • Upper Columbia Sturgeon

    A site that builds on a very important idea; saving and conserving the White Sturgeon population in the Upper Columbia river in British Columbia. Some cool features built into this site. Notable is that the tracked sturgeon entered into the database will show up on a Google Map, highlighting where they we last monitored.

    Site is built in Python, HTML, CSS and JQuery.

    Go to website.

  • ArtistWorks

    A very unique site, one we were privileged to work on. Artistworks offer online video teaching for many instruments, from a variety of world reknowned artists. 

    Site was written in PhP, HTML, JQuery.

    Go to website.

  • Option Gorilla

    Another very unique site, Option Gorilla offers the user a subscription based service into the world of stock options trading, and risk management. It takes away the complexity of options trading, and makes it accessible for all. 

    Site is written in Python, HTML, CSS and Jquery.

    Go to website.

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